Myths about the pill

Myth: The pill makes you fat

In fact, some women taking the pill lose weight, but others do gain weight. If you gain weight, it is usually due to an increased appetite and lack of exercise. If you are concerned about weight gain, discuss this with your doctor and they will suggest a pill or alternative contraceptive option that is right for you. You may feel bloated as the pill can sometimes cause fluid retention. If you suffer from this, please visit your GP or family planning clinic and they may be able to recommend a different brand of pill.

Myth: The pill causes acne or more spots

In fact, certain oral contraceptives reduce the effects of acne.

Myth: The pill delays fertility

In fact, most women can get pregnant immediately after they stop taking the pill. Your age may affect your fertility.

Myth: Women should take a break from the pill

In fact, any woman who is free from side-effects of taking a contraceptive will not need to take a break from taking the pill. Once your system is used to the pill, you should keep taking it. This helps to ensure that your periods are regular and to stay protected against an unwanted pregnancy.

Please visit your GP for more advice and information.